The purpose of Connect56 is to facilitate a place where students in 5th and 6th grades can actively practice engaging with scripture. We meet every-other-week in the MBI Library from 9-10am.  Students are encouraged to bring their bible, a notebook, and a writing utensil.  In each meeting, we will be answering questions like:

  1. What does this passage say?
  2. What is the context of this passage?
  3. What does this passage teach about God and man?
  4. What does this passage ask of me?
  5. How should this passage shape my prayers?


If you have any questions about this group, feel free to call/text:

Jessica Giblet – (214) 912-7507

Alisha Gill – (405) 830-2815

Jonna Myers – (580) 235-3909