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As we live out our mission, we desire for these five cultural values to shape and form us into a people who make much of Jesus: 

A Culture of Grace

As we have been transformed by the grace of God, we seek to extend grace to those around us. 

A Culture of Hospitality

As God has been hospitible to us, inviting us into his family, we want to be hospitable to others. Hospitality is how we love our neighbors and show others the love of God. 

A Culture of Empowerment

As we are empowered by the Spirit, we empower men and women to lead in the church and city. 

A Culture of Family

As we are reconciled to God and adopted as His sons and daughters, we are also reconciled to one another as brothers and sisters in the family of God.

A Culture of Prayer

As we have been made sons and daughters of God, we have been invited to seek God through prayer, asking him to do what we can't and trusting his goodness in all things. 

 A Culture of Joy

As long as Jesus is alive and on His throne, we have reason to rejoice.