Bible Resources

We believe the Bible is for everyone. So, below are some helpful tools and resources to help you as you spend time in God's Word. 


Bible Apps

The Dwell Bible App (click image): 

Dwell Bible

 The YouVersion Bible App : 

Youversion app

 Streetlights Bible App:



Bible Reading Plans

Read the Bible by The Gospel Coalition

The Bible Project Reading Plan

2 Year Bible Reading Plan

She Reads Truth Reading Plans

He Reads Truth Reading Plans


Other Helpful Resources


 To get access to RightNow Media, fill out this access request form: RightNow Access


Dive deeper into Scripture with helpful videos and explanations from The Bible Project.  


Subscribe to The Well Church text service to receive the verse of the day! This is a great way to meditate on God's Word each day. 


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We want everyone to have a copy of God's Word. If you need a Bible, fill out the form and we will purchase one for you! 

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