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Decade Challenge

Jess Blog December

His goodness and mercy had no doubt followed us through every bit of the last ten years; he has consistently met us in every moment, and he has consistently forgiven, consistently restored. He has reminded us again and again that no one can keep us from his love, not even us. Like dumb little sheep, we’ve wandered away from him time and time again, yet without fail, he h...

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Our Stories || Cheyenne Arcuri

the chances we didn't take.

Sometimes God calls us to take huge steps of faith and do really big and scary things, but more often, he calls us to small, ordinary acts of obedience. Sometimes God asks us to leave our home and move to a foreign land, or find our most formidable enemy and share the gospel with them, or build a giant boat and gather up animals. More often, he calls us to “live quietly,...

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